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Home Fall 2020 Courses A-Z

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CH501 CA | The Church to the Reformation | Instructor: Fairbairn
CH501 SEML | The Church to the Reformation | Instructor: Lytvynenko
CH502 SEML | The Church Since the Reformation | Instructor: Isaac
CL/MC641 SEML | Ministry/Leadership in a Digital World | Instructor: Howell
CL/NT/OT574 CO1 |
Biblical Theology of Leadership | Instructor: Cooper
CO501 CO1 | Introduction to Counseling Research | Instructor: Stamper
CO502 CA | Introduction to Counseling and Systems Theory | Instructor: Cook
CO540 CA | Helping Relationships | Instructor: Davis
CO699 CA | Research Methods and Design | Instructor: Benitez
CO712 CA | Multicultural Diversity in Counseling| Instructor: Maclin

CO770 CA | Career Counseling | Instructor: Cook
CO790 CA | Professional Standards and Christian Ethics Instructor: Maclin
CO/SF610 CA | Lifespan Development: Implications for Counseling | Instructor: Davis
CT490 CO1 | Writing Skills Workshop | Instructor: Stamper
CT500 CO1 | Introduction to Theological Research | Instructor: Lytvynenko
CT760 CA | Readings in Christian Thought: Orthodoxy & Gnosticism | Instructor: Fairbairn
EM/MC616 CO1 | Ministry Among Emerging Generations | Instructor: Long

ET501 SEML | Christian Ethics | Instructor: Quay
EV510 ECO | Evangelism in the Local Church | Instructor: Singleton
GL501 CA | Basic Greek I | Instructor: Wheaton

GL501 SEML | Basic Greek I | Instructor: Jennings
MC850 CO1 | Readiness for Ministry | Instructor: Martin
MC/PC513 CO1 | Healthy Relationships in Ministry | Instructor: Cook
MC/SF501 ECO | Spiritual Formation for Ministry | Instructor: Johnson
NT501 SEML | Exploring the New Testament | Instructor: Jackson
NT504 SEML | Paul and His Letters | Instructor: Jennings
NT615 CA | Exegesis in Luke | Instructor: Wheaton
NT/OT517 | Interpreting the Bible | Instructor: Wheaton
NT/OT594 | Biblical Theology | Instructor: Grams
OL501 CA | Hebrew I | Instructor: McDowell

OT500 CA | Exploring the Old Testament | Instructor: McDowell
OT500 SEML | Exploring the Old Testament | Instructor: Stuart
OT644 CA | Exegesis in Historical Narrative | Instructor: Palmer
OT/TH760 | Biblical Theology of the Imago Dei | Instructor: McDowell
PC511 ECO | Introduction to Pastoral Counseling | Instructor: Heston
PC511 SEML | Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counseling | Instructor: Reyes
PR721 CO1 | Narrative Preaching | Instructor: Arthurs
TH501 CA | Theology Survey I | Instructor: Martin
TH501 ECO | Theology Survey I | Instructor: Patterson
TH501 SEML | Theology Survey I | Instructor: Lytvynenko
TH502 SEML | Theology Survey II | Instructor: Vidu
WM601 SEML | World Mission of the Church | Instructor: Yao
WM760 CS1-CS17 | Readings in Missions | Instructor: Burdick