Javesca Necklaces

Javesca Feeds

The Bookstore is pleased to partner with Angelia Schifferle and her girls, Izzy and Chase in a fundraising effort to raise funds and awareness for Javesca Feeds, a ministry bringing meals to families in Burundi, Africa. Please support this effort by purchasing a bracelet or giving a financial gift in any amount to Javesca Feeds. No gift is too small.

Angelia and her family have hand stamped and assembled bronze and nickel coins that are joined by leather or string to create beautiful bracelets. 

Product Options
You can either purchase a pre-made necklace, or create one.  To create one, see below.

Customized Necklace Instructions:

  1. Email us (charlottebookstore@gordonconwell.edu) your custom one or two word message that will be stamped to the coin. We will check to see if those words will fit on the coin.
  2. When the words are approved, please select your band material, metal, and color from the available options then place your order.
  3. We will notify you when the bracelet/s are completed and shipped.