Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship orders?
A: Yes!  Simply indicate your preferred shipping option at checkout, and we will send your order to you!
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We do occasionally ship internationally.  If you have trouble placing an order, please e-mail us at charlottebookstore@gordonconwell.edu or call us at (704) 940-5822. 
Q: Do you hold orders?
A: Yes!  We will hold the items from your order in the bookstore.  Simply ask for them when you come to pick them up.  They will not need to be rung up through the POS system if you've already paid for them through your online store order.
Q: Can I apply my purchase to my student account when I order online?
A: Yes!  When you check out, you will have this option.
Q: Can I purchase current class books even if I'm not enrolled in any Gordon-Conwell classes?
A: Absolutely!
Q: What can I do if I want to order a book or other product that's not available on the online store?
A: You can always e-mail us at charlottebookstore@gordonconwell.edu or call us at (704) 940-5822 to inquire.  However, if you don't see a product listed, that probably means that we never carried it or it's no longer available.  We will be happy to check, though!
Q: Does the Gordon-Conwell online store carry all of the products that Christian Book Distributors (CBD) carries?
A: No.  Our stock is mostly limited to current class books (excluding most directed studies), Gordon-Conwell faculty books, sale books, and Gordon-Conwell merchandise.
Q: Do all shipments come from the same place?
A: No.  Some items are only available at 1 campus, so it's possible to place 1 order which has items fulfilled from both stores.  If you receive an incomplete shipment, please e-mail us at charlottebookstore@gordonconwell.edu or call us at (704) 940-5822, and we will check your order status for you.
Q: May I charge items to my student account as an alum?
A: If you are no longer a student at Gordon-Conwell, you may NOT still charge things to your student account.  You may pay online or in person with a card, and in person with cash or checks.
Q: Where can I find my tracking number?
A: You should have received a shipping confirmation e-mail upon fulfillment of your order.  This e-mail should include a link to track your package.  If you lost this e-mail, please contact us.
Q: Do you buy back used books?
A: No, we do not buy back used books.  Bookscouter.com is a great resource for selling your used books.
Q: How do your book prices compare to other retail prices?
A: We are glad that you asked!  Before ordering books each semester, we compare publisher prices to those of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Christianbook.  Usually, the publisher price is the lowest.  If it is not, we typically do not order that book.  You will see a note saying to order it elsewhere, so that you can get the lowest price sans markup.