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Writing Center: Revision Services for Academic or Ministerial Writing

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Revision involves detailed feedback on "big picture" ideas in a written text, such as: introductions, thesis statements, paragraph development, organization & cohesion, transitions, integration of research, analysis, conclusions, and even visual appeal.

Students should only count pages that have substantial text; exclude title pages and bibliographies. Students can choose either revision or editing services for each request for writing support, but not both. Thus, if a student desires both revision and editing services for a written text, then he/she would pay for the text two times, once for revision and once for editing.

All payments + Writing Assistance Request forms must be received at least 4 full days (96 hours) before feedback is required for a written text. If payment is not received at least 4 days in advance of needing feedback, then the request for revision or editing services cannot be honored. 

*An additional day or two for feedback may be required for students who are being newly enrolled in the Writing Center.

A link for detailed submission guidelines: