Writing Center Services

Thank you for your support of the Writing Center during Fall 2020. Fall term has finished, and the Writing Center will resume operations on January 25, when the official Spring 2021 term begins. Please contact the Writing Center with any questions: WritingCenter@gordonconwell.edu 


Editing involves detailed, sentence-by-sentence feedback on grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and writing style. *Note that editing does not include specific feedback on formatting.


Revision involves detailed feedback on "big picture" ideas in a written text, such as: introductions, thesis statements, paragraph development, organization & cohesion, transitions, integration of research, analysis, conclusions, and even visual appeal.


Live Consultations

After purchasing a live consultation, please contact the Writing Center at WritingCenter@gordonconwell.edu to set up a date and time for the live consultation. Note that if the consultation takes less time than expected, the full price will still be charged since the time slot has been set apart for your meeting. Furthermore, note that live consultations are conducted in a Q & A format. Students must bring specific questions about their text to the meeting, which will then be answered by the Writing Center tutor.